Cyclone re-maps and animates discussions taking place live in online forums dedicated to extreme viewpoints (e.g. climate change denial) to the pressure fronts of weather isobars, whose complex structures are used to visualize the conversational churn and eddy of argument. In staging these interactions as a process of meteorological precipitation, conversations "condense" in the works environment as an ambient patterning - a structuring that acts not only as a metonym of difference, but of ideological tensions which mirror the dynamics of social space.

Art has long found ways to describe and make tangible the Earth’s exhalation of atmospheres, weathers and climates, and on one level this work can be seen as part of a long tradition of artistic engagements with sites, meteorological conditions and landscape. However this work is as much, if not more about articulating and problematising entanglements between social and technological worlds, and contrasting traditions cultural traditions of landscape in friction with anthropogenically shaped environmental realities.

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